Brain Explorer 2 crashes frequently on Mac/Catalina

I’ve run BE2 (human brain atlas) for the first time on macOS Catalina 10.15.7 (latest version).

  1. It displays no data when one selects any of the available structure.
  2. Multiple selections cause an immediate crash. For example: bookmarks; View; Data; any section in the Atlas menu. This is probably a partial list
    In summary, the app is very unstable on the above machine/OS

Thank you

Hi Arie,

Please see this post for information about Brain Explorer 2 on a Mac.


Hi Tyler,

Thank you for your reply.

You mention “certain Mac configurations” as if I may be operating a Mac with an uncommon configuration. Contrary to this statement, I am operating the most current version of Catalina. If other Mac configurations work, they must be older operating systems.

To my opinion, you should focus your efforts on making sure Brain Explorer remains up to date in regard to compatibility with Mac OS. Many of the life science labs use Macs. I don’t believe that the problem I encountered is rare. I don’t have access to other machines.

The functionality of the browser-based Brain Explorer is very limited. It cannot replace the app.

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I just downloaded BE2 for the first time, also on a Mac, and it crashes as soon as I click a button. Updated to the newest OS 10.15.7 and didnt resolve. Attached a screenshot of thestartup image I get, since it doesnt look healthy. Screen Shot 2020-11-09 at 8.17.55 AM|690x417

Hi Jason,

Unfortunately we know there are issues for some users on Macs, and we are not able to remedy those issues at this time. As stated earlier in the year, we are currently planning to retire this desktop app altogether in late spring 2021.

If this application is essential to the work you do, we’d like to learn more from you! We’ll may reconsider our plan if the app is absolutely essential, or we may accelerate efforts to enhance the web version of the Brain Explorer so it satisfies your needs. Please consider describing your needs and goals in detail here, on the thread announcing retirement of the app, or in a direct message to me.


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What is the current alternative to BE2? I know there is the beta web version, but is there any anticipated replacements for offline functionality (e…g providing offline access via Electron wrapper to the web app)?