Differences in Hex Values for Brain Regions Across Different Sources

Hi everyone,

While developing an SVG-based visualizer, I’ve noticed that the Scalable Brain Atlas and the Allen Brain Atlas API use different hexadecimal values to represent the same brain regions.

For example, this JSON file from the Scaleable Brain Atlas site lists unique colors for every single region. The PVH and ARH for example, are both red - but slightly different shades (FF5D4F vs. FF5B4F).

However, other resources, such as this structure graph JSON from Allen’s API example page, have a different coloring system. The PVH and ARH (and the entire periventricular zone) are the exact same red (FF5D50).

I find the unique color representation in Scalable Brain Atlas more useful for my project, but I’m not sure which system is more current or widely accepted. If anyone could shed some light on the history of these two systems and which is more up-to-date, I would appreciate it. If the unique color system is outdated, I’m open to exploring alternative methods.

Thank you,