Download/generate top-down cortical fluorescence image data

I have a question regarding the top-down image of mouse connectivity experiment data. (left image)

  1. What is this showing (is it a max intensity projection of all signals in the cortex, and is it a simple projection in DV axis or is it projecting orthogonal to the surface curvature)
  2. Is there a way to download/generate this image data?

Hello @mmori

This is a projection of all signal in the cortex curved with the structure of the cortex. There is more information about this image in the Connectivity Atlas help, linked here: .

The code that we used to generate these images is very specific to our environment and is not publicly available.

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Hi @wayne
Thanks for your response. So to clarify, we cannot download this image, in data formats such as tiff?

The background images themselves can be downloaded using the API.

As an example, for this experiment:

You can get information about the file with this API call:$in501029518],[attachable_id$eq543679575]

Replace the id 543679575 with other experiment ids if needed.

In the JSON that is returned, precede the ‘download_link’ value with ‘’ to get a URL that will download the PNG image to your computer.

So, for this example the full download URL is

thanks a lot!