Downloading gene expression of region

I was wondering if there is a way to copy/download all of the genes of one of the brain regions searched for in the ISH Data. For example, when looking at FOTUgr genes in the differential search, is there any way I can copy the ~9,200 gene symbols into a document? Or is there another way of going about this

Hi @Jabbott7 ,

There are some examples in the documentation: Expression Grid Search Service

Tweaking these a little bit to fit your example gives:
Pipe 1 FOTUgr

Pipe 2 all grey matter

Connect the two pipes with differential_search service and default parameters

Hope that helps,

Hi, thank you for your help.

The table that appears shows all the genes, I was just wondering if there was a way to download the list of these genes, or just copy the ‘gene symbol’ column


Hi @Jabbott7

There is not a built-in function to this service call to return just the gene symbols, but you can extract this using whatever method works best for you. Most programming languages have good JSON tools, or there are even JSON-to-csv functions on websites like .

Hope one of those options will work for you.