Finding Region Areas of ABA Plates

Hi everyone,

I am looking to find the 2D areas of individual brain regions on mouse ABA plates. I believe this can be done via Fiji, but I am wondering if anyone else has found this data anywhere online. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


Hi @jdknguyen,

When you say ‘2D areas’ are you referring to coordinates? Or anatomical tags in planar space? Have you reviewed other threads related to analysis of the reference atlas plates? Here’s one:

Hi @brain,

Thank you very much for the response. When I say 2D areas, I mean the area of each brain region delineated for the mouse CCF on an image like the one below:


I have looked at many other threads, but haven’t been able to find the data I’m looking for. I am able to find the 3D volume of each ABA brain region, but I am looking for the 2D area of every region on every coronal plate of the atlas at: Atlas Thumbnails :: Allen Brain Atlas: Mouse Brain.