How to compare different taxonomies?

Hi all,

I am posting a question I received on whether or not a conversion table exists to compare clusters between the Gouwens 2020 (V1), Yao 2021 (whole cortex and hippocampus), and Yao 2023 (whole mouse brain) taxonomies. If not, what would be the best way to compare these taxonomies?

Thank you!

A: In Supplemental Table 7 of the Yao 2023 paper, under the “cluster annotation tab,” the columns “CTX.cluster_id” and “CTX.cluster_label” refer to the equivalent clusters in the Yao 2021 cortex + HPF taxonomy.

In Supplemental figure 1 of the Yao 2021 paper, there is a comparison between the Yao 2021 cortex + HPF taxonomy and the Gouwens 2020 MET V1 taxonomy, along with additional taxonomies.