How to get the proportions of primary and secondary structure at injections site

I am trying to retrieve the percentages that can be found on the AAV Injection Site section, when using the Atlas.

Can I retrieve the proportion of injection at primary and secondary structures, as data in the allensdk library or somewhere else?
Or does it have to be extracted from special calculations, and if so how?


Thank you for your question. The information is in the Allensdk library, and it can be retrieved with some relatively simple calculations. One scientist on the team has some code that she is willing to share to facilitate those calculations. The code is python and in a Jupyter notebook. If you are willing to try this approach, let me know and I can send you the notebook.
Thank you.

Hi Susan!

Thank you for your answer, I’m glad to know I can retrieve the info and I would love to be able to look at the code for that, it would really be helpful for me!
Thanks again


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I will then send you the file. I cannot do that in this forum.

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