Is it possible to request the addition of new genes to the mouse or human brain atlases?


We frequently get requests to add data, or improve existing data that is contained in our in situ hybridization (ISH) datasets. These datasets are static, as we are working on new data to provide gene expression resolution at the single cell level. If you notice that a gene is missing, sometimes it’s because we were unable to synthesize a riboprobe for a given transcript. Sometimes the resulting ISH data did not pass our quality control criteria, which are described in the Technical Whitepapers. And sometimes a gene or transcript name has been modified since the original creation of the data - we do our best to provide mapping to the current RefSeq information but occasionally there are gaps.

We regret that we don’t have data for every single transcript in the mouse genome, but our coverage is extensive - and we hear that you would like even more data!