Microns functional co-registration data only has 200 neurons

I am trying to access the Microns co registration data. I downloaded it from here

This csv contains data about 200 neurons only. Could you direct me to where I could get the complete set of data?

Hi, we just recently are completing a new version of the release with about 10K functionally coregistered neurons. Right now its available through the CAVEclient interface under a new datastack name ‘minnie65_public_v343’ we will work on updating the static copies available as CSV files over the next month.

See the instructions on MicronsBinder for setting up a CAVE account

Then in python

import caveclient
df=client.materialize.query_table('functional_coreg', split_positions=True)
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Thank you very much! I was using the older datastack minnie65_public_v117 on caveclient and did not know about the new one. How can I check for these updates myself?