MIES software abilities

I’m setting up a patch rig and would like to be able to perform Patch-seq experiments per the Allen Institute protocol. I would like to use the MIES set of software tools but have never used this software before. Is MIES a full fledged data acquisition software in the sense that I would not need any other acquisition software (such as pClamp or PATCHMASTER NEXT)?


Hello @blogeman,

  1. Other acquisition software is not required with MIES.
  2. An Igor Pro (IP8) installation is required to run MIES
  3. Be aware of the hardware requirements. The 700B amplifier is required (not optional) to run the Allen Institute protocols.
  4. The specific stimulus-set / Allen-Institute-protocols are not included in MIES. Please DM me for a copy of the NWB file with the stimulus sets.

Thank you for your interest in MIES.

Hi @timjarsky,

Thanks for the quick reply. We will have Igor Pro installed, but I have a question about the amplifier. Is MIES only compatible with the 700B from Molecular Devices? We were looking into a HEKA EPC 10 USB, which is an amplifier/DAQ combined and we know supports Igor Pro. Would this setup be compatible with MIES?


MIES will not work with the HEKA EPC 10. - Unfortunately, the HEKA XOP is too feature-limited to work with MIES.

MIES can work with most amplifiers as long as the DAC is listed under “Hardware Requirements”. However, only the 700b is integrated with MIES. That is, the user can control the amp from MIES, and MIES will record all amp metadata.

Got it, thanks @timjarsky

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Hi @timjarsky ,
I’m having a hard time finding someone who will sell me one of the DACs listed under the hardware requirements for MIES. It seems like HEKA has stopped selling the ITC16, ITC18, and ITC1600 but now has only the LIH 8+8. Do you know how I could purchase one of the required DACs or is the LIH 8+8 compatible with MIES?

Thanks again.

Hi @blogeman,

National Instruments (NI) sells both the DACs listed under Supported Hardware. Unfortunately, the LIH 8+8 is not compatible with MIES - It uses the feature limited XOP I mentioned above.

Are you also considering getting a 700B amplifier?

Keep the questions coming - I’d like it if we could find a path forward for you.

Thanks @timjarsky, really appreciate your help. Yes, we are considering getting a 700B amp and anything else we need to run the same protocols that the Allen Institute has been developing and refining over the years. For the DAC, let me make sure I’ve got this right… I could purchase a 700B amplifier and connect it directly to a PCIe-6343 without the need for anymore on rack hardware such as the Digidata 1550B from Molecular Devices?

Is that correct?

The Digidata from MD is not needed.

There are multiple break-out (terminal-block) options available for NI DACs. We use: https://www.ni.com/en-us/shop/accessories/products/terminal-block.html?modelId=119447

EDIT: we use the above break-out with the PCI-6343. Only one break-out is required but the DAC can support two.

Got it, that makes things much clearer. I might have to come back to this forum for further clarification, but this has answered my initial question. Many thanks @timjarsky

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