Missing mouse Patch-Seq morphologies on download.brainimagelibrary.org


I am trying to download mouse Patch-Seq morphologies from Index of /biccn/zeng/pseq/morph/200526/ but it seems that most of the files are almost empty (~50 ko). There are only 36 files with morphologies while on the website there are at least 500 cells with morphologies. Have the morphologies been removed from the server? How could I obtain all the morphologies?

Thank you for the help!

You are correct; most of the morphology files are currently not available on the archive (it is unclear to me why they are showing up in the web interface as being small - they don’t appear at all if you log in via FTP). We have contacted the Brain Image Library to try to determine what happened and to restore the files. I will post an update when we hear back.

The morphology files are available again from BIL at the link in the original post.