Neuropixel - empty field in units

Hi all,

I’m having a trouble to read neuropixel nwb file.
I have downloaded all the data directly from instructed as here;

But once I read a single session data with allensdk ephys package,
session.units give empty field, while other attributes such as running_speed are intact.
The file size is 2~3GB, so I think the file download itself was successful.
Here is short notebook snapshot.

I appreciate any help!

Hi there! How recently did you download the NWB files? They were updated as of AllenSDK version 2.0+ (released June 2020), to be compatible with the latest pynwb library. The older files may not load properly.

I just tried downloading the same file, and I was able to read in the units table with version 2.6.0.

Thanks for the reply.
I re-downloaded the data, but it still doesn’t work.
I concluded that it’s a problem with the dependencies - trying to fix it.