P56 mouse brain dimensions


I was wondering if anyone knew the dimensions, like the length and width of the mouse brain of the sagittal P56 mouse brain. I am using this brain to compare to my own data of mouse slices by using calculations. From the infomation of there being 200 micrometers I did figure out that one lobe is would be 4.2mm and the full brain would be 8.4mm. By comparing the dimensions I am trying to figure out how to match up the brain slices from my experiments. Any other infomation about the mouse brain dimensions will be helpful.

Thank you!

If you want to measure the width of mouse brain, I would recommend opening one of the coronal reference atlases where the brain is widest. For example,

Interactive Atlas Viewer :: Atlas Viewer (brain-map.org) (pixel resolution = 1.047)

Interactive Atlas Viewer :: Atlas Viewer (brain-map.org) (pixel resolution = 1.0)

Use the scale bar on the image, or download the image at full or downsampled resolution - use ImageJ or similar software to measure the width and pixel resolution to convert to mm

Note there is variability in width between different specimens at the same age.

In the Allen Mouse Common Coordinate Framework, the width of one hemisphere is 5.2 mm (medial-to-lateral)