Paired Human Morphology & Transcriptomics Data?

I am having trouble finding human cells for which both full morphological reconstructions and transcriptomics data exist.

I see that the human transcriptomics data for the Multimodal Characterization of Individual Neurons dataset (Multimodal Characterization of Individual Neurons - is not yet available; is there a date when this data may become available for request?

I have also been trying to match human morphology data with transcriptomics data at this interface (Cell Features :: Allen Brain Atlas: Cell Types) between the “cell feature search” and “RNA-seq data” tabs, but do not see any obvious way to match cells between datasets to obtain both the morphology and transcriptomics. Is there a key, or any other way to obtain both types of data for single cells?

Hi @bmarsh,
The transcriptomics data for this data set should be accessible in two ways. The count matrix for this data (along with a subset of metadata) is included in the data folder of the GitHub repo associated with our recent preprint about this data set. The raw data (fastq files) is available for controlled access – follow the directions on NeMO if you are interested. For these cells, you should be able to match the morphology and transcriptomics data by matching the cell’s name across files.

The human morphology location on the Cell Features viewer linked above was done using traditional patch clamp recording, where only morphology and electrophysiology were collected for each cell, and not transcriptomics. The transcriptomics data sets shown on the RNA-seq tab represents distinct cells that were collected using higher-throughput single nucleus RNA-seq methods.