Save image error in Jupyter notebook tutorial for Layer 2/3 EM images

I am attempting to run the tutorial notebook “Image and Segmentation Download” from MicronsBinder on github. Everything in the notebook works fine until the code at the end to save the images. The error message returned is:

imageryclient.imagery.save_image_slices() argument after ** must be a mapping, not tuple

I have placed a copy of the notebook with the error here on my github repo: layer23-volume/ImageAndSegmentationDownload_save_image_error.ipynb at main · shandran/layer23-volume · GitHub

The python environment I’m using is micronsbinder from here: GitHub - seung-lab/MicronsBinder: A collection of notebooks to provide examples of using datasets

I did have to pip install imageryclient separately, which is the current version of 1.01. I’m wondering if some syntax or library has changed since the code was originally written and now this line no longer works. Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Shawn,

I would post an issue here GitHub - AllenInstitute/ImageryClient: Publication-ready visualization of overlays of imagery and segmentation from cloudvolume data. I think this might be a feature that got broken during an update. Casey probably is the best person to look at it, i’ve pinged him about it but I don’t think he monitors this forum.


Thanks Forrest, I have posted the issue on the ImageryClient site on Github. Best regards,

I replied over on Github, but in case anyone runs into this here, this is now fixed in ImageryClient 1.0.2. Thanks for reporting the error!

That fixed it, thanks so much!