Transcriptomic explorere missing information?


I have been using the Transcriptomic Explorer for Mouse brain (both 10X and SMART-seq) before the summer and recently I noticed some changes in the data visualisation in the heatmap. I noticed that many genes I search for in the 10X dataset are not showing any expression, where they mostly do in the SMART-seq dataset. In addition, some genes that show no expression in either dataset in the heatmap, do appear on the scatterplot visualisation. However, in the downloadable dataset the expression of that gene is 0.0. Finally, there are now quite a few columns (cell types) in the heatmap of the Mouse-SMART-seq that have N/A as data value, where this wasn’t case a few months ago (early June).

So I was wondering if you have adapted the data of the seqencing datasets somehow? And which data is being used to show gene expression in the scatterplot? Since certain genes are appearing on the scatterplot but have 0.0 expression in the downloadable data or in the heatmap.

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