Using API and thresholds


I am an Undergraduate Student learning how to use API for my research project. One of the issues I have come across is understanding the use of API for differential search. As an example, to attain the details of genes expressed in FOTUgr, I used the below query:[set$eq'mouse'][structures1$eq'FOTUgr'][structures2$eq'grey'][num_rows$eq2000][start_row$eq0]

However, comparing the Web Search and the API output, I realised they were not the same. I later discovered that this was due to threshold differences between the web search and the API output. I then tried to match the default thresholds seen in the Web Search URL with the API (adding [threshold1$eq0,50][threshold2$eq1,50] to the above query to match below):,50&domain2_threshold=1,50&image_set=P56&search_type=differential

These still output different results.

In the first query, what are the threshold defaults, and how would I represent these results in the Web Search? In the second query, how would I match up that output with the output of the Web Search?

Hi @Jabbott7 I think this URL is equivalent to the web output:[set$eq'mouse'][structures1$eq'grey'][structures2$eq'FOTUgr'][threshold1$eq0,50][threshold2$eq1,50]

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