Differential search (Mouse Brain) with API

Dear Allen Community,

I have a question which is related to pull information with a differential search of the Mouse Brain Atlas with API. We noticed that while performing differential search there is a cut-off regarding the maximum number of genes that we receive as differential. The cut-off value is 2.000 genes and we were wondering if it’s possible to circumvent this.

The only thing that we could find so far that has the cut-off of 2.000 rows which corresponds to 2.000 genes is the following:

However, while setting the num_rows higher than 2.000 we still received only 2.000 genes. Is there a solution for this problem?

Kind regards,
Joy Otten

Hi @JoyOtten

No, there is not a way to circumvent the 2000 row maximum page size. This limit is in place to prevent denial of service attacks on the API. You should be able to get more than one page of results if your query returns more than the specified or default number of rows.


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