View my own volumetric data in BrainExplorer

Is it possible to load my own volumetric data into the brain explorer? For example, suppose I wanted to take the cell coordinates from this study ( and view them alongside the streamline projection data in the brain explorer. Is there any way I could do this?

Hi @jw156605,
Thanks for your question. In short, no, it is not possible to ‘upload’ or view your data through the Allen Brain Atlas website. There’s a long post related to this topic, here:

We love the article you referenced, but the work described isn’t originated by the Allen Institute and we do not provide technical support for third party parojects. The Blue Brain Cell Atlas is a project by EPFL that uses the Allen Brain Atlas API, framework and data, but has expanded and extended applications for their data visualization goals. We encourage you to contact the authors of that work directly, to learn more about how you might view your own data in their framework.