3D viewer to view simulations

Hello I am a newbie. I looked through the areas of AI, allen institute, for a 3d viewing app. Found the brain map where can turn on and off layers, look at different slices, etc, but not true 6 degrees of control. Some of the videos from the media make it seem like there is true 3d modeling(wasn’t an interactivity, was just an animation).
My question is where is a 3d viewing app? Does it work with VR (virtual reality) or holographic dispays?

(I probably just missed it right :)?? )

Thanks in advance

Hey there,

There are a few 3d applications available:

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There have been a few smaller projects that support vr from both the brain and cell science sides. You can find an older proof of concept for viewing brain data in vr over on the Institute github.

I hope that helps


There’s also a few user-made applications like cocoframer written in R and my own brainrender [e.g. see here for some interactive visualisations].

As far as I know none of this works with VR, though it’s something that has been on my to-do list for a while…

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