Access to AGEA correlation data


I have a question regarding the Allen Gene Expression Atlas. I would like to access the correlation data in AGEA for each voxel within the hippocampus. However, I haven’t found out how I do this. I am not sure if I am simply looking in the wrong places. Could you tell me if and how I could access the data?

The data would be for mapping out the main changes in gene expression across the hippocampus. I would be able to map these changes if I had the pairwise correlation between every two hippocampal voxels.

Best regards,
Brynja Gunnarsdóttir

Hi Brynja,

On the AGEA UI that is a download link below the horizontal correlation map

The link has this format:,4200,5600&age=P56

You can programmatically generate links for all the voxels for interest (say in the hippocampus) and script the download if you like.

Hi Lydia,

Thank you for the help, I will try to script the downloads.