Access to unfiltered BAM and IDH mutation status for IvyGap


Does anyone know if I can receive access to the unfiltered BAM files for the RNAseq data? Additionally, on the allen website in the RNAseq section, how could I tell the mutation status of IDH per patient?

Dear @mshah, currently there is no way to access unfiltered BAM files for the RNA-seq data, although some genome-level data is available (see this post). As with several of our human data sets, we are encountering challenges in releasing raw data due to concerns about donor de-identification, even in controlled-access databases (see this post for more details on raw data access). If and when this data becomes available, we will update our transcriptomics Explore page. Regarding finding mutation status of IDH per patient, IDH1 mutation status is included as one of the columns in the clinical data table that is available through Swedish’s Ivy GAP project site at this link. Please post to this thread if you have any additional related questions.

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