Alternative Synapse Models in BMTK

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Does anyone know if there are any short-term dynamic synaptic models available for point-net in BMTK? Is there an overview of the available synapse models and/or is it possible to define your own?

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Hi Jonas,

PointNet should be able to use any built-in NEST synaptic models. Here is a list of the current available ones: All synapse models — NEST simulator user documentation 1.0.0 documentation. There’s a few that are using stp dyanmics. You can also write and compile your own in NEST but will require a bit of C++ programming.

To use stp synapses you’d need to edit one the *_edge_types.csv file, like the one in this example. For example change the model_type from “static_synapse” to “tsodyks_synapse”, and you’d probably want to update the dynamics_params json file or create a new one for the new model. Then just run it as before.


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