Donor age information for cortical area smart seq (adult?)

Hi, for the following cortical area single-cell smart-seq, where can I find the donor information other than the sex (shown in the cell meta data)? I would like to check how many donors were there and whether it was an adults (e.g. median age of the donors)?

Hi @samk3570, thanks for your question. You should be able to access information about donors (associated with specimen IDs) here. You can also use the Cell Feature Search browser (slider widget) to limit your search to specific ages.

Thanks for the reply. Upon checking, I could not map the donor information. For example, cell meta table shows “H200.1025” as one of 3 donors for this dataset. I cannot find this donor from your donor information.

Can you clarify if this dataset consists of 3 donors? And I would like to get these donor’s age.

Brain donor information is in: Documentation - Allen Cell Types Database. All available information is in the downloadable pdf file, “Case Qualification and Donors”. Table 1 summarizes case information and criteria for sampling of each brain region, and basic metadata for each donor (age, sex, PMI etc.). H200.1025 is a donor ID associated with a 50-yr-old Caucasian male.