References and citations of human RNA-seq datasets


I have 2 questions about the original source of the snRNAdata that I appreciate your help to figure them out:

  1. The technical white paper, including the details about the postmortem subjects, provieded for “M1” Dataset (Transcriptomics Explorer :: Allen Brain Atlas: Cell Types) is exactly the one provided for “Multiple cortical areas” Data set (Transcriptomics Explorer :: Allen Brain Atlas: Cell Types),
    does this mean that the “M1” data set is a subset of the “Multiple cortical areas” data set?
    in another words, is “Multiple cortical areas” data set is a combination of other studies?

  2. Is there a way that I can find studies that used data from “Multiple cortical areas” data set?

Hi @nmeo,
The “Multiple cortical areas” data set includes SMART-seq data from six cortical areas that were available as of 2019 along with an initial clustering of the data, and is not published as a whole. This includes all the data from the “MTG - SMART-SEQ” data (which was published in Nature in 2019), as well as some of the M1 data that was also just recently published in a cross-species study in Nature, as part of a larger manuscript package. The “Multiple cortical areas” data set also includes all data from “V1, ACC - SMART-SEQ (2018)”, which do not have associated publications. We are currently working on updating this taxonomy to include 10X genomics data and a couple of additional cortical areas, and we will publish the results when it is complete.

The “M1 - 10x genomics (2020)” data set and associated taxonomy were directly included in the recent cross-species study linked above, and include distinct cells from “Multiple cortical areas” that were collected using a different RNA-seq platform.


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