What are the sexes of the numerous images?

How do I learn the sex of the subjects?

Hi Rob,
This info is available via the documentation pulldown on the data portal:
Documentation - Allen Human Brain Atlas (brain-map.org)

You can download the case qualifications and donor profiles summary from this site.

Thank you for the quick reply. I did the following

Documentation > Donor profiles.

SELECTED. Table 5. Donor profile: H0351.1015.
49 years

How do I find images of this person?
Where and how do I search with donor profile of H0351.1015 or other profile info. H0351.1015

Did a search using H0351.1015 and got links to papers that did not contain images.

Is there a way of searching for female brain images only and limiting to specific regions? I’m trying to easily link the images to sex or sex to images.

This guide will walk you through it In Situ Hybridization (ISH) Data - Allen Human Brain Atlas (brain-map.org)