Downloading Gene Grid Data Expression at a higher resolution

There is an option to download the gene grid expression data at 200 um resolution. Is it possible to download the grid expression data at a higher resolution say 25 um

if not is it possible to download the ish image series for each gene and register it to a reference atlas at 25um resolution to create a higher density map

Hi Anurag,

We only have the 200 um resolution available.

In terms of creating a higher density map at 25 um, it’s technically possible but there are several steps. Two of note:

  1. The data were sampled at a 200 um resolution, so you’ll need an interpolation method to fill in the 25 um resolution.
  2. You’ll want to start by downloading our ISH and expression data from AllenSDK. You’ll need to write some software to assign the data into a grid. We have a software module that does this for connectivity data; it’s not directly applicable to this case, but conceptually similar.