Fastq file availability from human SMARTseq data


First off, thank you for your atlases!
I am interested in reanalyzing the SMARTseq human cortex data and was wondering if there was a repository where I could download this from. I see that the count matrices are available, but for the analysis I am doing I require raw fastq files.
Looking through the nemo data portal, it looks as though the only transcriptomic human data available was generated via 10x Genomics. Are the fastq files available from the human cortex SMARTseq data?


Hi @jkniehaus. Sorry for the delay. These data should be available through controlled-access from NeMO / NDA, after following the instructions here: NeMO Archive - Accessing Controlled Access Data. If you’ve already done this and are still running into the issues above, please let me know. Note that due to different places that tissues were collected for this project, you may need to pull together information from a few different data sets to get all the cells.