From electrophysiology to t-types

Hi everybody,

I hope everyone is doing well during these challenging times. I would like to ask the community about the t-types. We are currently working in human patch-seq problem on identification the relationship between t-types and ephys features. We all know that this problem is not well established, but I wanted to discuss if there is an interest in the community to work on it.

Overall, we are trying to find the best way to match the relationship between ephys features of human neurons from patch-seq and ephys properties. This would allow for the other labs who do not have a patch-seq method to identify their cells using our t-types suggested by transcriptomics.

I wonder if this tool could be useful for the external community working on the patch-clamp electrophysiology data?


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Hi @Anatoly!

This sounds like a super neat and useful idea! If such a tool existed, we would love to use it!

I’ve thought a bit about this problem and one thing that occurs to me is how similar (or different) different ephys parameters are between labs due to experiment protocols (like bath recording temperature). If I were approaching this problem, I might first try to address the question within a single dataset (like AIBS human Patch-seq or mouse visual cortex Patch-seq) and then try to address how well the approach might generalize in a different dataset (like Tolias lab mouse motor cortex Patch-seq,

Happy to talk further about this if you or anyone else would like!

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Hi @stripathy1 ! Thank you for your responses! These are crucial points, especially checking the data on one dataset first. We would likely get back to you for further feedback later on. @tmchartrand might help with this as well.