Help downloading NHP prenatal microdissection slices

I’m having trouble downloading the E120 Nissl data from:

e.g., The download button does not work for me (tested on Chrome and Safari) on this dataset:

The download button works for the younger prenatal datasets. Also, is there a way to do a bulk download instead of going slice by slice?


Hello Mike

Looks like you found a bug in our data that is preventing the download from happening as it should for the ‘120’ images. Regardless, using a bulk download method should work around that.

Use this API call to get the list of sub_image ids (Replace with your donor of interest (e.g. MMU27052 from the reference data page listing; Replace NISSL with AChE if you like; Replace ‘json’ with ‘xml’ if you prefer XML output),rma::criteria,specimen(donor[name$eq’MMU27052’]),treatments[name$eq’NISSL’],rma::include,sub_images

For each sub_image id, use the instructions on to download the image
Here are some examples:

wget -O desired_file_name_1.jpg
wget -O 127302910_381.jpg
wget -O 127302910_361.jpg

Hope that helps!

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Hi Wayne,

Thanks for the fast response and this info! I was able to bulk download the images. Thanks so much!