Human dopaminergic neurons

I am generating data with human midbrain single nucleus transcriptomic (selecting Neun positive nucleus). I’m trying to identify neuronal subpopulations and so far what seemed best to me was to use your data of M1 - 10X GENOMICS (2020) as reference data, using the singleR package of bioconductor. But as I mentioned, in my case it is midbrain where there is a significant population of dopaminergic neurons and in your data from M1 - 10X GENOMICS (2020), you do not have dopamine neurons. What other dataset do you think might be good for identifying dopaminergic neurons? I understand there is no human single cell transcriptomic midbran atlas…
Thank you very much for your time

You could look at the human striatal cell RNA-seq data set from Lee et al. 2020: