Open for (neuro)science symposium: Day 3, Common Coordinate Framework and MICrONS Explorer

Thanks for attending the webinar or viewing the video of the Open for (neuro)science symposium day 3: Common Coordinate Framework and MICrONS Explorer, featuring @lydian, Bing Brunton, @fcollman, Agnes Bodor, JoAnn Buchanan, Carolyn Ott, and Nick Turner! The speakers discussed their research using the publicly available Common Coordinate Framework and MICrONS Explorer.

Please feel free to chime in here with additional questions or follow-up questions to those asked at the live symposium. You can find the recording of this symposium and accompanying tutorials here.

Additional questions to those answered during the symposium Q&A:
Question: Is the Allen Mouse Brain CCFv3 the final atlas version, or will there be new iterations in the near future?
Lydia: There will always be new iterations of anatomical atlases!

Question: What is the average time of making the 3rd structure of your block of tissue and what the accuracy of the reconstruction?
Forrest: At our present capability the block I talked about can be imaged in about a week on a single microscope. Our image processing pipeline can essentially keep up with that rate of data production. The segmentation process is all machine learning, so the run-time of running the process isn’t that large, but that is deceiving in that most of the work goes into creating training data and traininig the algorithms, not running them.