Open for (neuro)science tutorial: Common Coordinate Framework

Thanks for attending the webinar or viewing the video of the Open for (neuro)science tutorial: Common Coordinate Framework with @lydian and @maithamn! This webinar demonstrated how to access and apply the Common Coordinate Framework. You can view the demonstration Python notebooks used in this tutorial here.

Please feel free to chime in here with additional questions or follow-up questions to those asked at the live webinar. You can find the recording of this webinar and information about other webinars in this series here.

Additional questions to those answered during the webinar Q&A:
Question: Is there a similar common coordinate system for the Allen Human Brain Atlas available?
Kaitlyn: The Common Coordinate Framework is only available for mouse brain. We don’t have an exact equivalent coordinate system for the human brain, but you can view an annotated human brain atlas at
Lydia: Take a look at first release of the 3D Allen Human Reference Atlas. Allen Human Reference Atlas - 3D, 2020 (new!)