Qn: Human brain spatial transcriptomics in the sub-pallium?

Is there anyone currently working on sub-pallial spatial transcriptomics of the human brain? Most of the data available is cortical or hippocampus. I am interested in regions such as the lateral septum, basal nuclei, basal forebrain etc.

Hi @Denver. The primary focus of the Allen Institute’s human work thus far has been on cortex, although we are moving towards studying other brain areas. We are checking if any scientists here know of any such studies and would encourage anyone else on the forum with knowledge of this topic to weigh in. If you find such as study as well, please post here!

It is worth noting that the Allen Mouse Brain Atlas has spatial transcriptomics for nearly every gene across the entire mouse brain, along with several tools (developed by us and others) to use these data. The Allen Human Brain Atlas also single-gene ISH for ~1000 genes in select brain regions, include a set of 55 genes targeting human subcortex.