What kinds of projects are being done now at the Allen Institute?

How do I learn what the next data release will be, or what new types of data are coming soon? What are future research areas? It would be great to know what’s next!

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The main web portal has a link to tell you about key features of recent releases: http://portal.brain-map.org/latest-data-release
In response to requests for “sneak previews” into what is in progress, we will be adding more information to this page to give a glimpse into what you can expect to see in the near future.

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Modern-Technology to View the Inner-Depths of the Brain is Amazing…& Useful in Seeing Progress or Decline in Dementia, Alzheimers, or Other Brain-Problems!!

maybe in the future. for now we need to know how the healthy brain works so we can (from that) figure out the pathology of the brain.

not that we shouldn’t attempt to understand the basics now. it seems that the agreed upon approach to this is for basic and applied science to go in parallel.