Can the adult normalized microarray datasets be used in teenagers study?

I know that the complete normalized microarray datasets were obtained from adults. Can these be used to study the brain of teenagers?

Hi @shlhsh. These datasets can be used to study the brains of teenagers, with the caveats that there may be some differences between teenagers and adults. More specifically, I would anticipate that many/most of the differential gene expression changes between brain regions (e.g., genes higher in striatum than cortex) would be common between adults and teenagers. That said, there are likely some genes that are different across the life span, and these could be directly probed using the BrainSpan Atlas of the Developing Human Brain. This link performs a search of 12-19 year olds vs. 20-40 year olds from that atlas across all available brain regions (which you could adjust as needed).

Thank you very much for your reply!