Centromedian thalamus & central amygdala

From where I can get the sex dimorphic gene expression of these two brain structures?

I am looking for epigenetic marker

Can you please clarify whether you have specific species and/or data set and/or publication you are looking at, or whether you would be happy with any information about this topic? I am unaware of any such epigenetic data as part of Allen Brain Map, although raw gene expression (and maybe epigenetics?) data from tissues containing these structures is part of the BICCN data archives. I can further inquire if you can provide some context. Thanks!

Human brain!

No publication. Just data. I would love to see these epimarkers. These two brain structures ate sex dimorphic. So its clear there are ~10-30 genes there which are expressed very sex dimorphic. At this time there isnt any of this kind of data.

If I would pay money to the Allen Institute would they provide me this kind of data?

All data that is available is listed at brain-map.org, biccn.org, or the associated data archives. There is no need to pay.

One possibility would be download data from the Allen Human Brain Atlas. Donor H0351.1015 is female and the rest are male, so you would be very underpowered, but data from all brain structures in included in this data set and you could perform a differential expression analysis. The Brainspan atlas has many more male and female donors from multiple developmental stages, but not for all the brain regions you requested. That said, someone wrote a paper about this topic on the Brainspan data, so you could start there.

So from this data I can see the genes which are sex dimorphix expressed?

Yes. You’d need to download the data and do the analysis yourself, but there should be information about sex and age for each donor, as well as expression levels for each gene.

Just one female? Thats weak.

So biccn.org has many transcriptome data for these structures?

Allen Human Brain Atlas has 6 donors (1 female), but all brain regions. BrainSpan has 50 or so donors across development, but for a subset of brain regions. biccn.org has a lot of data from many modalities from many labs for various projects. I’m not sure if it will have precisely what you need, but you can search here.

Can I contact you the next days. At the moment I am overwhelmed.

Brainspan has 50 donors? I can only see one for development and one for prenatal.

I have downloaded one sample from the Allen data. I dont understand it.

I have unzipped the file and I get several different files.

There should be a readme file in the downloaded zip file. Start with that. This post has a bit more info.

That wrong. I cant find any mediodorsal thalamus.

How I do this?