Defining ROI using CCF coordinates

I’m interested in exploring the whole brain MERFISH dataset recently published. I would like to use Allen brain CCF coordinates to filter the cells in this dataset to a rough ROI I have manually defined. However, I am having trouble with this as I can’t find a way to visualize where a defined CCF coordinate is in the reference space (and therefore can not set the bounds for my ROI). The cell CCF coordinates provided in the MERFISH data are in the range of about 0-13, whereas the coordinates displayed in the Allen Brain Explorer range into the tens of thousands. I am unsure if these coordinates match up.

Would appreciate any guidance on how I might be able to accomplish this. Thank you!

The MERFISH CCF coordinates are in millimeters while the ones given in the Allen Brain Explorer are in microns, so you should be able to match them just by converting to the same units.