Is there another term for "frontal marginal gyrus"

In the interactive atlas of human adult, gyrus view, there is an area marked “frontal marginal gyrus” (2nd and 3rd sections.). There are very few online references to this term (via google).

Is there another name (or several names) for this area? Is this area a portion of some other area with a more common name?

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I am unaffiliated and have access only to freely-accessible online publications and to books, but unfortunately not to professionals.

You may see this in the literature as FMG, frontomarginal gyrus or gyrus frontomarginalis. This is a gyrus that is found in human frontal cortex (but not other species)

Thank you.

I have a very specific question about data access, based on the discussion in the article “Comprehensive Cellular-Resolution Atlas of the Adult Human Brain” by Ding et al, in J. Comp Neurology, which describes the procedure for, among other things, creating the data used by the web application: the interactive atlas of the human brain.

I am interested right now in basic (but detailed) anatomy, and so my question relates only to anatomical features visible in the interactive web application. At some point my interest will expand to encompass other things, such as function, behavior, connectivity, cell identification, etc, but I need anatomy first for, everything else.

Essentially, the atlas viewer displays 106 coronal sections of the brain with non-equal separation. There presumably exist data files for each coronal section, the files being accessed by the web application, which then creates the images in the browser. (This is a logical description. There are many ways to implement this.) Based on the above mentioned article, in this data, the identified brain regions are defined by (or encompassed by) polygons delineating that area. See page 3136 of the Ding et al article, right-hand column, halfway down.

Consequently, there presumably exists a “publicly available” file, or set of files, giving the locations and identifications of each and every (x,y,z) point of each and every polygon in each and every coronal section, or the equivalent - for example, perhaps 2D Bézier curve descriptions for each “polygon” of each coronal section.

My question is: Can I access this file (these files), and is there a specification of the data format?.

My immediate purpose is to create my own versions of 2D and 3D views of the brain.

I am a physicist and also an advanced application programmer (currently working in Python, but I have used java script, HTML, extensively)

Thank you very much for your consideration.

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