Mapping raw merfish 'EntityID' label to 'cell_label' in CCF transformed coordinates


I am trying to determine how the EntityID found in the .parquet file for each of the raw merfish_output dirs from the Yao et al. 2023 Study (e.g. Index of /aa/79/aa79b8ba5b3add56/609882/1198980026/merfish_output/cellpose_cyto2_nuclei/) maps to the cell_label in the ‘reconstructed_coordinates.csv’ and/or ccf_coordinates.csv files found here (AWS S3 Explorer). Is this possible? Perhaps there is another file that you can share with me or direct me to that connects these two different cell labels?

Alternatively, is there a way to determine the brain Z-axis of each of the raw merfish samples (e.g. what z axis is the 1198980026 sample and so on… This way I can reconstruct the 3D geometries myself)