Volumetric version of the human brain transcriptome atlas in MNI space

I’m writing to inquire about a volumetric version of the human brain transcriptome atlas in MNI space (.5x.5x.5 mm or 1x1x1 mm voxel size).

Such a transcriptome atlas in MNI space could be used as a key piece of evidence for, e.g., fMRI studies linking BOLD levels to specific cell types. Yet, it appears that the atlas is not available for download in MNI space, and to bring the atlas into volumetric standard space (if possible) seems to require specific knowledge.

I would highly appreciate if a more experienced user could point me to an such a resource (if it exists and I missed it), some instructional material how to build such an atlas, or perhaps even a well-intentioned person I could contact to support us with this. I would love to make the final transcriptome atlases in MNI space available to other (f)MRI researchers, a number of whom would highly value and benefit from such a ready-to-use resource.

Thank you very much for your help!

I found 2 resources that seem to provide protocols:

Rizzo et al. (2016). MENGA: A New Comprehensive Tool for the Integration of Neuroimaging Data and the Allen Human Brain Transcriptome Atlas. Plos one

Gryglewski et al. (2018). Spatial analysis and high resolution mapping of the human whole-brain transcriptome for integrative analysis in neuroimaging. NeuroImage

Alright, here we go: